About Us

We’re a small company based in New Delhi bringing you the latest trend of the best quality at the lowest possible prices. Our founders started this company from their home during the boring lockdown and it’s growing with the creative team working full time and part-time contributing their blood and sweat to work towards the simple goal of bringing a smile to your face every time you open a package from Peachin’.

We believe the world would be a much more different place if every individual feels beautiful and confident with the way they are. Keeping up with the trend is what makes that happen. After all, what better purpose can there be to life than to spread happiness, and what better way for us to spread happiness than bringing a smile on your face every time you look at yourself in the mirror wearing amazing Peachin’ accessories.

Our hope is that you keep loving us the way you do and keep spreading the word about us to all your friends and family so that we can be more successful in making our vision become a reality.